3 thoughts on “January 7

  1. I think that it is annoying to drivers. For example in Finland, our trip from Helsinki to Oulu, which 624 km takes in summer six and half hours to seven and half hours depending how slow traffic there is. In winter with winter speed limitations, the trip takes from eight and half to nine and half hours. Is this minimal time loss? Have You ever driven in cold, wintry, snowy weather during hours and hours on slippery roads? The dark time lasts many hours meaning that the driving in the dark is not the same, than driving in sunshine.

    Winter biking

    Have a good day!


    • Perhaps, please don’t forget that in France we don’t really drive across the country on these roads – there are highways (which have a 130km/h limit). These are the roads you take for commutes that tend to only last a few minutes… and since cyclists are not allowed on highways, we go on these national/departementale roads and a lower speed limit is really better for all!

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      • Oui je le sais. Nous avons fait des voyages en voiture en Allemagne et en France, au Luxembourg, en Belgique et au Liechtenstein. Nous aimons surtout l’Allemagne.


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