October 21 (2)

I gave in and got a gym membership, mainly because I have three gyms in a 400m radius around my house. The one I chose has a nice “women’s gym” that’s quite nice and quiet in the early hours when I usually go (the general gym floor is also quite quiet but it feels less cosy)… and now I’ve googled strength exercises for runners. What in the world is happening? How long till I hate all gyms again?

October 19

I’m putting off going for today’s 8km run by post-processing photos and scheduling posts. Maintaining a running streak is all fun and games but then you realise that there are still a couple of months of the sun only appearing every couple of weeks because of short daylight hours and general cloudiness. The summer always makes me forget what’s to come!

October 17

Sometimes I think I’m abusing the “hold” system for our library system by always having holds on about ten books (some of which I will most likely not get for another 3 years because there are 245 people in front of me in the queue for 5 copies) but then I remember that we’re allowed up to 100 holds at once… so clearly I am not the worst offender.

October 15 (3)

This is the last time I’ll complain about this new WP editor, I promise. But gosh, scheduling and editing stuff cannot be done easily using this! Everything that used to require one or two clicks now has to be done using multiple (and you can’t easily be reminded of things, such as if you’ve already scheduled posts for a specific day). On top of that, the editor runs so slowly on my mac, granted it’s from 2013 so a fossil by some standards but it still runs stuff like Photoshop really fast, so what’s with this website?

Door in Tokyo, by a shrine

October 14 (3)

After a morning of walking around I went back to that burrito place I liked last time – still as good (and with very reasonably sized servings, no nap needed afterwards). I also picked up some Halloween KitKats, and I actually now forget what they contained, sweet potato I believe.

(again, this is only second post written and scheduled with the new WP editor and it is still very much a mess)

Burrito in Tokyo
Halloween kit kat in Tokyo

October 14 (2)

This is the first post I’m trying to make using the new editor and it is a mess! I can’t for the life of me figure out how to easily insert multiple photos at once without creating a gallery like you used to be able to… yikes!

Also now the little calendar on the side no longer shows which other posts are scheduled for a specific day – sad to see that feature go, it was very useful to me as I schedule things up to three weeks in advance so posts keep on coming even when I’m on holiday or will be busy.