March 31 (1)

I had great hopes for this book but it ended up being a disaster – the authors didn’t even make an ounce of effort to talk about anything else besides North America and a very small selection of European countries. Supposedly they couldn’t find enough contemporary records from other parts of the world. I don’t believe they even tried finding them or even asked local researchers for help.

October 15 (3)

This is the last time I’ll complain about this new WP editor, I promise. But gosh, scheduling and editing stuff cannot be done easily using this! Everything that used to require one or two clicks now has to be done using multiple (and you can’t easily be reminded of things, such as if you’ve already scheduled posts for a specific day). On top of that, the editor runs so slowly on my mac, granted it’s from 2013 so a fossil by some standards but it still runs stuff like Photoshop really fast, so what’s with this website?

Door in Tokyo, by a shrine