July 17

I’ve reached that stage where it’s actually easier to google, “diferencia sandia negra y sandia rayada,” than try to remember what those two types of watermelons are called in English or French.  Apparently, there isn’t that much difference but the “rayada” is the most cultivated one in Spain.


July 9

This week has mainly been me posting about food stuff – so let me keep going on that theme a bit more. Not all frozen pre-made espinacas a la crema are equal. This looked borderline like vomit and tasted gross. That was my lesson to always go for the Findus stuff and not bother with other brands (yes, sometimes I’m worse than a toddler but some brands are just better than others).


July 6

Tragedy is when the closest Mas shop to my house closes down for renovations. It’s about 50m closer than the next closest shop and amazingly they complement each other for some products (namely beverages). This has been your annual update on city centre grocery shopping stores.