July 14 (4)

Couldn’t find the garlic but there was a bit of pepper. Well, a lot of pepper but it wasn’t the kind of pepper that had a bite to it.

The cheese though. Nope. Just nope. Imagine the taste and feel of a good camembert, that good texture, the slight saltiness, the everything. None of it was here. I bet it’s because it was made with pasteurised milk, that’s bound to give a different kind of feel and taste to the cheese than good old Normandy milk.


July 14 (3)

We already established that the exterior of the packaging was traumatising because it promised a camembert that could keep for almost four years… and the interior did not disappoint! Camembert in a hermetically sealed package, no breathing allowed for that poor cheese! And imagine this going on for four years!

Also, it did not smell like good camembert and the exterior was that of very cheap waxy stuff.

I can’t remember how much I paid for it, around 400-500 yen, I think. Not traumatisingly a lot but cheese should not suffer so much.


July 14 (2)

The next three posts might be traumatising to all cheese lovers out there, so be careful. Indeed, I’m still not over it.

This cheese. Danes, why are you doing this to us? You want to make camembert? Fine. But, for the love of whatever cheese gods there may be, do it correctly. In what world can you buy a camembert in 2018 and for its expiration date to be in 2022??? Camembert does not keep that long! It just does not. That should have been my first clue that this was going to be one hell of a ride… I mean, garlic and pepper in camembert? Why not. It even gives it a little bit of a morbier look, I can accept that. But a 2022 expiration date? Nope. And this is just the exterior of the package!