October 14 (3)

After a morning of walking around I went back to that burrito place I liked last time – still as good (and with very reasonably sized servings, no nap needed afterwards). I also picked up some Halloween KitKats, and I actually now forget what they contained, sweet potato I believe.

(again, this is only second post written and scheduled with the new WP editor and it is still very much a mess)

Burrito in Tokyo
Halloween kit kat in Tokyo

October 13 (3)

As someone who routinely burns her mouth by drinking hot tea (I got a new thermal mug and it keeps stuff super hot for hours and I keep on forgetting that and go in for a drink… and it hurts), this was not really my cup of tea. I’m sure there are plenty of health benefits and you get time to relax and meditate and all that but it doesn’t bring you that, “ahhhh” joy like a nice hot cup of tea does!


August 1

Apparently a politician does not believe that offering a vegetarian day a week at the army barracks is good… because for him those types of meals don’t contain enough proteins and carbohydrates. And he chose spinach soup and eggs as his example of meals on which an army cannot survive. Right. I couldn’t even finish that bowl of spinach soup because it was so rich! Kept me full way longer than any meat could!