March 8

What’s great about taking a photo-a-day (and then posting it about a month later) is that it forces me to try and remember why I took the photo. Here I wanted to highlight that it was really the first day when it felt almost too hot for spring – hence the short sleeves, etc.


January 17

Let me pull the curtain away for a bit – in case it wasn’t clear from the photos themselves, many of my photos these days are not planned and are rushed jobs… and they often require me to find a spot with a bit of light. In my flat it’s not that easy so often the couch in the living room will be involved, even if it is a mess on most days.


September 1

In case it wasn’t evident – I am taking a bit of a break. It started because I thought I would post stuff during my holidays and that did not happen (mainly because holidays can get busy sometimes), and it continued because I’m starting to think I should rethink my posting schedule and habits. I usually edit/post stuff at 6:30am and I simply no longer want to do that. Maybe I’ll switch to editing/posting once a week and schedule ahead for the whole week. Who knows!