March 16

I probably shouldn’t take advice from reddit but I saw a post about how you get a lot of things done in life done through discipline because motivation is not always there and won’t help you. This weekly post scheduling is brought to you by discipline because even coffee can’t motivate me this morning.


March 8

What’s great about taking a photo-a-day (and then posting it about a month later) is that it forces me to try and remember why I took the photo. Here I wanted to highlight that it was really the first day when it felt almost too hot for spring – hence the short sleeves, etc.


January 17

Let me pull the curtain away for a bit – in case it wasn’t clear from the photos themselves, many of my photos these days are not planned and are rushed jobs… and they often require me to find a spot with a bit of light. In my flat it’s not that easy so often the couch in the living room will be involved, even if it is a mess on most days.