April 9

A bit of behind the scenes of this 365 Day Project posting (5th? 6th? edition) – I’ve finally managed to catch up with posting exactly one month after the photo was taken. I usually only put two photos maximum per post, personal choice and also helps with motivation to cut things into smaller chunks, and all the holiday photos always throw things out of whack. But now it’s all a month apart, which means I have one month of buffer in case real life gets crazy or I go on holiday.

Parking lot view in Viikki, Helsinki

March 16

I probably shouldn’t take advice from reddit but I saw a post about how you get a lot of things done in life done through discipline because motivation is not always there and won’t help you. This weekly post scheduling is brought to you by discipline because even coffee can’t motivate me this morning.


March 8

What’s great about taking a photo-a-day (and then posting it about a month later) is that it forces me to try and remember why I took the photo. Here I wanted to highlight that it was really the first day when it felt almost too hot for spring – hence the short sleeves, etc.


January 17

Let me pull the curtain away for a bit – in case it wasn’t clear from the photos themselves, many of my photos these days are not planned and are rushed jobs… and they often require me to find a spot with a bit of light. In my flat it’s not that easy so often the couch in the living room will be involved, even if it is a mess on most days.


September 1

In case it wasn’t evident – I am taking a bit of a break. It started because I thought I would post stuff during my holidays and that did not happen (mainly because holidays can get busy sometimes), and it continued because I’m starting to think I should rethink my posting schedule and habits. I usually edit/post stuff at 6:30am and I simply no longer want to do that. Maybe I’ll switch to editing/posting once a week and schedule ahead for the whole week. Who knows!


June 9 (taken on June 10)

Sometimes I fail. But you know who didn’t fail? Iceland! Their victory over England just made me so happy and I’ll be cheering for them when they’ll be playing against France. I mean, have you seen their faces? They’re always so happy to win things and their fans are always so happy and I want their Euro adventures to go on… and I really should go to Iceland soon.