October 21 (2)

I gave in and got a gym membership, mainly because I have three gyms in a 400m radius around my house. The one I chose has a nice “women’s gym” that’s quite nice and quiet in the early hours when I usually go (the general gym floor is also quite quiet but it feels less cosy)… and now I’ve googled strength exercises for runners. What in the world is happening? How long till I hate all gyms again?

October 19

I’m putting off going for today’s 8km run by post-processing photos and scheduling posts. Maintaining a running streak is all fun and games but then you realise that there are still a couple of months of the sun only appearing every couple of weeks because of short daylight hours and general cloudiness. The summer always makes me forget what’s to come!

August 16

I know that the act of giving gifts brings more happiness than the act of receiving but I still like receiving gifts during RedditGifts exchanges and I’ve just had the worst luck recently – no gifts even though I spent time and money sending stuff, no nothing, boo! For small(er) exchanges I don’t even bother signing up for the regifting option but for Arbitrary Day I did… and my Secret Santa sent me a super fancy version of those scratch-off maps and provided further incentive for running with a funky armband, never seen those before!