May 29

There should be a rule that if you insist on rereading something “quickly” and making comments, you should be required to reread the sentence/paragraph you’re commenting on twice before leaving the comment. I got a presentation back with a comment asking which products are covered by a certain sentence… listen, I don’t know, how about the ones listed after the “e.g.” literally 2 words later? Ah. Monday mornings.


February 20

Ah, being able to wear almost any type of shoe to work – this is why working in research is great. I actually just realised I didn’t really have “decent” shoes to wear to a fancy meeting next week as my Chucks are all very colourful (besides boots)… so I ordered some grey-ish Vans shoes.


October 13

Yesterday a co-worker asked me what “Black Friday” was because she kept on getting emails about Black Friday offers… that usually last at least till Monday (is Cyber Monday dead?) and still takes place even though pretty much no one has ever heard of Thanksgiving outside of English classes. Globalisation!